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      Alright. I’m filming a seen in a field at night. Several characters are running through the field. How can I light the scene to show all the characters moving? I am also unsure on how to film movement and the lighting to go with it in the day time, as well as still filming at night. (Basically lighting in general.) Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    Unless there’s a reason for artificial light in the field, I’d suggest filming in the day, from a high angle (a ladder, or the bed of a pickup truck?), so you can be looking down on the scene, with not much sky showing. Have the sun mostly behind the subjects. In the NLE editor, slightly desaturate the color, add a slight blue tint, and darken the scene a little.
    My 3 cents worth, πŸ™‚
    Ken Hull

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    use "Day for Night" technique. I was scouting locales for a halloween project I’m doing with my kids, and shot this one using the same technique, with my dslr. take a white balance off a yellow card, up the contrast, lower the saturation. this was a double exposure, and used some dodging and burning in photoshop, but the same effect can be had with video. shot in the afternooon on a sunny day!

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    Shot this in the late afternoon. White balanced with an orange card, played around with some camera settings, then I was done! Didn’t even need to color correct!

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