Lighting and Chromakey questions

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      I’m working onmy home video studio.

      My stuff is steady coming in… I’ve bought a Sony HDR-SR1, DV-7000 Velbon Tripod, Azden Wireless mic WLX-PRO.

      Now I’m down to setting up for Chromakey and lighting

      I’ve found a large selection of backgrounds and backdrops, thanks to replys on this forums.

      My concern now is lighting. Ihave limitied budget,but still need to produce high-qualtiy HD semi-pro work.

      I found a several interesting sites forlighting: Alienbees and tubetape

      Principally, my videos will be interviews and standalone speakers. The Chromaky backgrounds should work well for both.

      I wasthinking softbox lamps with flaps on lamps, and maybe a higher level backlight 1000W halogen like the 3 lamp tubetapeset.

      Heat can be aproblem I realize, but I don’t know enough about lighting tomake an educated choice betwen alternatives.

      I’m not looking forthe holy grail of lighting sets at this time.IfI could start with a reasonably priced set that should be competent to do what I need to do that would be a best situation for now. I realize with experience I’ll learn a lot more about what should be required in different situations.

      I’m a little squimish about spend $400 for lighting, and I would like to start for less

      Regardless, I am willing tospend what I should to providevery good semi-pro quality HD videos.

      I’m notdoing weddings or on-location stuff, just studio work or an occassionalshooting for background ambiance.

      I’ve watched a bunch ofyoutube videos on lighting and read articles. I conclude there just isn’t anyone that actually puts theproverbial axe in the stump.

      Everyone seems to see-saw on their recommendations, and includes all kinds of qualfiers in very meager recommendations, i.e., you can do this, or you might do this, or you mightthink about this. Sorry guys and gals, I’m a meat a potatoes guy.I can act on information, even it it’s not the world class expert solution. Spending another week trying to ferret out what I should do or not do is exasperating.

      So, if you read this and know what I mean. Give me some suggestions and maybe tell me alittle bit aboutyour thinking.

      I’d really appreciate the help and I won’t think less of you for any recommendations.

      Thanks to all

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      halogen work lamps, torchier floor lamps, and lee high heat diffusion material…(or fiberglass matt from an automotive store)

      here’s a cheap and easy light setup. you’d need to light your greenscreen seperately from your subject, but that’s been extensively covered in this site….search function should find lots…

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      look up “light it right” by vic milt

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