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      Can anyone give me some advise for simple lighting.

      I shoot amateur content and want to get my lighting better.

      I generally shoot in living rooms, i need a quick fix lighting set up that will give me even results across the room.
      I move a lot during shooting and catch each corner of the room.
      I don’t have time to move lights and there are no breaks in the scenes.
      I don’t want a directional source coming from one spot because i don’t want to shoot into it when moving around.
      Ideally something i could bounce off the ceiling would be the best bet, but when i have tried this with a 500w halogen i get poor results.

      Im shooting with a Sony HDR-HC1E.

      Could anyone please assist.



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      Hi Flipper

      A simple solution that you might consider is using a Chinese lantern, those big round paper-covered lamps that were the rage at one time. They are lightweight, cost little, and give diffuse light.


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      I have good luck using 2 torchier lamps (Halogen). placed in opposite corners diagonally from each other.

      good light from most angles and doesn’t matter if they’re in the frame… perfect with an on camera light for fill….

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      This very topic is discussed in detail and there’s a video you can watch in my post, “Ghetto Lighting.”

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      Thanks very much for the replies,

      First, i had no idea those chinese lantern things were no longer the rage!

      The torcier is a good suggestion in my case, but i just found out that i will be travelling (via air) and need something i can throw in a suitcase.

      What would you guys say about a few of these (150w version):

      Would you say to go for two in diagonal corners of the room or 4 to go in each corner, or are they too low? would i be better bouncing them from each corner or pointing each one straight into the middle of the room?

      I do understand the concept of lighting in general as my background is from commercial photography, But to try and get smooth results with this new video project giving me freedom to move in a very small room (even filming into spots where light stands are) very quickly and hassle free set up that is easy to pack away and travel with has me stumped.

      I am not looking for anything special, no seperation or dimension to the lighting, just flat contrast free evenly lit boring lighting where everything is visable without shadows or noise.

      Can anyone suggest a magic tool to fit into my suitcase?

      Thanks again


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