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      Hi all. Ok another newbie question.

      I got a lighting kit (want to use for video) it is the Smith Victor K84

      Got it from B+H so I did not check the manufacturers site before I got it. As I am not a pro I am not sure if this is ideal although I feel it will work.

      Does anyone have any suggestions as I have this now and I have to make it work.

      Next question, I read that the bulbs are very sensitive. This kit has a case (no foam) that it all packs away in to move it should I remove the lights before transporting the kit? The bulbs came in very protective carboard sleeves. Just not sure if handling them would be wise.



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      A couple things to keep in mind with any light set.

      Those using halogen, and the like,lights burn very hot. Finger oils are very detrimental to these lights and they have a high chance to burn out and shatter. Suggestions have been to use a clean cloth or gloves to install/replace these lights.

      another thing to keep in mind is that most anylight, that uses a filament,is very fragile when they are hot. The recomendation here is to turn them off and allow to cool down before you move them or pack them. This also reduces the chance of setting a hot light near something that could melt on them further ruining them.

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      Thanks for that info. Would anyone be willing to offer a suggestion on whether I should remove the bulbs from the fixtures when hauling the stuff around? I say yes I should but reading how fragile they are I hoped some experienced guys would offer a suggestions.


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      No, not necessary. I pad mine with soft cotton material (lint free) and just be careful with them. Definite change using gloves (I use cotton work ones) but I don’t really see the point in taking them out and putting them back in for the next gig. They are, when handled properly and allowed to cool before moving, as has been said, are not all THAT fragile.

      I’ve had a three-light NRG stage lighting system for more than 10 years, using this on average of once a month, and have only just recently replaced the first burned-out, not broken or damaged, lamp. Of course this sytem does come with a nice foam-padded case for everything. I did upgrade the lamps somewhile back, but still, great working system – and hardy. A total of 1,800 watts of light at my disposal, often calling for soft-spun or some kind of diffusion for a pleasant light environment.

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      EarlC what type bulbs did you upgrade to? My outfit uses the standard filament bulb with the round twist socket. My case is not padded and I will add some foam to keep all in place. That is a good idea. I was not sure if the bumping around would hurt as I have been reading loads about all this stuff in the last week and many say these things will get wrecked real easy.

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      yea i had a experience whit some arri light kit pro, busted 5 light on 6 when we moved them ( when they where still open ).

      Even for 10 foot, turn them off before, always use gloves or something like that when you install them, but we never removed the bulbs when we pack all the stuff, i never saw a light get domaged during the transport, just be carefull.

      conclusion : dont remove the light until they burn or break.

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      I upped the wattage a bit, from 1500 total to 1800, and used a slip-in-turn-twist-and-click-into-place type lamp. My Cool-Lux camera/stand top units use the funnly long tube-like lamp with the flattened ends that clip into place. Some lamps give off a more directional beam, or are a different temperature altogether – depends on your primary use. I find that lamps are simply hotter and larger wattage-wise, not necessary functionally different. Still use diffusion material in front of most any lamp I use.

      Will soon be investing in the lower-priced LitePanels units (two, for now, come with filters etc.) as well as the more expensive kits they carry. Really, REALLY nice and effective (I’ve seen them in live demonstrations at shows).

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