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      Just ordered my new computer and I asked for (what my neighbor called)light scribe. The guy at the store did not know of this term. Anyone familar with this? It’s a double sided DVD where you burn one side then flip the DVD over and burn an image onto the disk. My neighbor showed my a burned disk and it looked very clean and more professional than a label.

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      Thank You for the link cfulton

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      I have a BenQ lightscribe drive in my duplicator. The labels look nice if you have 20 min or more to burn each one! The biggest problem is that the current media is only DVD +R which is not good. I use only DVD -R to get best burning compatibility results. Bottom line, it’s not that cool..

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      Burned a cd first for practice and it was very clear and high quality. Just burned couple dvds and found quality is soft on photos compared to the cd. Also every time I burn a dvd if takes 10 try’s because the burner keeps reading error on the disk. I went to the web site and downloaded all updates. Worked good twice then went back to reading error on disk. It’s either my dvd’s are defective or the burner is crap.

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