Light meters

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anybody else use them?
here is me building a set... it is a mini set in my living room, and I am building the lighting up. the window is fake..
I am checking the levels before adding the last light to bring some detail into the top right corner of the frame...
I'm going for a classic hollywood hard plus soft lighting mix....

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Very nice. Your use of the candles, with the fake window, deftly proves your point!

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This looks like a great lighting set up. Would you be able to explain how you used the light meter? I have always wanted to use one.

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to do that type of lighting you'd need to study up on three things...

incident light readings

reflected light readings

ansel adams zone system

then take that knowledge and apply it to lighting for video...
requires learning your cameras exposure system and manual setting as well.
you need to know the minimum light levels before noise/grain appears then adjust your lights to get tones from solid black to solid white...

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Great job. I was fooled by the fake window. Anyway, will it cost me payday loans for the light meter? I am interested in making new videos with classic look and I want the lighting to be perfect just like what you did. Thanks.

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Cool. You have a great concept!. :)