Light meter? and extreme background lighting

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      To start off with what light meter would you reccomend?

      I shot into a big bright window other day and the picture is very under exposed. How would I set the exposure to compensate for the extreme lighting?
      Thank you

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      My problem is it’s the back camera during a wedding. The window(s) are along the entire front of the chuch. My front camera is great. The back camera has great backlighting but under exposed. The sun was very extreme at 5pm lighting.

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      First of all I would try to change the camera position and/or the angle, avoiding windows in the frame altogether.

      If you can’t change camera postion, switch your iris to manual. Now you have two options: nice windows and silouettes of bride and groom, or burned out background and distinctive faces of the couple. Neither option is perfect, it’s still better to find new position for your camera.

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