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      I recently purchased a Panasonic PV-GS400.

      It seems that the recommended Panasonic light, the VW-LDC10 is out of stock everywhere… But should I even bother trying to find it? Or should I look at a 3rd party camera mounted light?

      My main focus is portability- filming small gatherings, stuff with the kids, etc., not providing a small sun to peel the paint off the walls. πŸ˜€

      What brand of light provides good value and would be compatible with the camera (a separate battery is fine, it doesn’t have to run off the camera battery).

      What wattage light is good enough to light a scene in a medium sized room?

      Should I even bother with an external light, or do they totally ruin the atmosphere of the room?

      Thanks in advance,

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      I use a Bescor 50 watt with a fairly heavy external battery for events and a full complement of studio lights for studio shooting.

      50 watts might be overkill for just close-range family gatherings. Sima makes a 3-watt on camera light that runs off of 2 rechagable AAA batteries.
      This is good for close-range shooting. Sima also makes a 20 watt.

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      By the way, it’s not $60 like it says on the Sima website. B&H has it for $25.

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      Thanks for the tips guys!

      I think I’ll pick up a small 3 watt light and maybe a larger 20 watt light to light up the larger areas.

      The nice thing about the Panasonic light is that it uses the same batteries as my camcorder- but I guess separate batts have their advantages also.

      My original training was in still photography- everyone expects a flash unit there. The brief light really doesn’t ruin the mood. But I could see where a 20 or 50 watt light could totally spoil the mood of a scene and be intrusive- especially if there are other people in the area that have nothing to do with your activity.

      Thanks for the tips/links!

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      there’s no way you can squeeze more light out of a three watter.

      Good point. But you’d be surprised at the light this little thing can throw off.

      Remember, videosaurus doesn’t wan’t a professional light:

      My main focus is portability- filming small gatherings, stuff with the kids, etc., not providing a small sun to peel the paint off the walls.

      Most the time during family occations, you can get in very close, so 3 watts is a perfect amount of light.

      It’s also very small, only 2.75 x 1.5″ and weighs 2.2 ounces. Hank, how much did you say your fairly heavy external battery weighs? πŸ˜‰

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      Thanks for all the tips guys- really appreciate the discussion.

      Hank- my wife would need the 50 watter to find the keys in her purse! πŸ˜€

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      I bought the Sima 3 watt light- what a great little light!

      Totally underpowered for what you might think useful- yes- this is a little brighter than one of those mini maglights- but it is a much softer light whereas what you’d use for finding something in your wife’s purse would be more like a point source of light.

      But, on the camcorder, within about 10 feet of your subject, it is just enough light to bring out the color in someone’s face, fill in shadows from overhead lights (I hate “under eye” shadows- they make people look sick), or warm the color temperature of the scene a bit.

      Runs on two AAA Ni-MH batts that you can charge in the light or separately in your own charger. You can purchase these at Radio Shack and have several sets for a shoot. It even comes with a mini clamp so you can remote the light to fill shadows in a background, etc.

      It barely gets warm to the touch and runs about 30 minutes on a set of batteries.

      Nice little light- for $25, buy a few!

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