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      Greetings everyone – new member here. I own a website about waterfalls in North Carolina and surrounding areas with pictures, info, and short low quality video clips (Digital 8). I sell prints and license images as a part time business and have been asked several times if I license video. Right now I don’t, but am considering updating to a HDV camcorder and offering clips for licensing. There are pricing guides for licensing images, but I haven’t found anything for licensing video. Are there books or online guides to help with pricing?? Thanks for any help you can offer.

      Rich Stevenson

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      A company called Creatas has been advertising royalty-free stock footage in the video industry magazines. I just now took a look at their web page, . They want from $200 to $300 per video clip!!! Some hi-def, some standard-def. Would you pay $200 for a 13 second clip of a kid eating cotton candy? Probably not, but they do have some hard-to-get clips, like inside a NASA control room. It would be less expensive to buy that, rather than to schedule, travel, and shoot a video clip at NASA.

      Ken Hull

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      Check They have been one of the biggest “affordable” photo stock agencies. Now they broker stock video as well. Their pricing policies may give you an idea.

      Shoot-It-Yourself Wedding Video Guide

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      Thanks for the leads, guys!

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