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      I’m new here and have a lot to learn. I’m not even working with video yet. However, I may from time to time post things that I feel are relavent to videomaking, even if I know very little about them. Having said that, the aftermath of the incident today in VA has left one guy to point out something that I found rather interesting and just wanted to share here. Any thoughts or views on video licensing or YouTube or Google Video is the goal of this post, rather than the tragic incedent.

      Anyway, here is one guy’s view as it pertains to popular formats like YouTube and Google video:

      Does or will this affect any of you? If so, how?

      Thanks in advance.

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      If there is a major event, why not just go to the news station’s website and watch it there?

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      I know right.. that’s exactly what struck me as odd about the nature of the article too. hmmm

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