LG dvd Burner with Lightscribe?

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      Wondering if anyone has used an LG external DVD burner with Lightscribe? Is that good burner? Does that Lightscribe labeling work very well? Any help would be great!

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      I have one but to be honest I have never used the lightscribe. Just haven’t gotten around to it. As far as the quality of the burner…I haven’t had a single problem.

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      I have an HP dvd840 external burner with lightscribe. At first the finished product on the lightscribe discs seemed great. I have since moved onto Inkjet printable media (always printable disks, never labels) and I now have no need for using the lightscribe. Like I said, the finished product from lightscribe looked good at first, but it takes over 30 minutes to "Burn" the lightscribe image onto the disc. The magic was quickly lost once I had to wait that long for an image printed in shades of grey. The discs themselves cost about .80 cents a piece compared to .44 cents for inkjet printable media that prints a disc in about 60 seconds. You do have to factor in the cost of ink but for me the choice was obvious. The Epson Stylus R220 printer itself cost me about $75 dollars and I buy ink about once a month depending on how busy I am.

      Bottom line, Lightscribe is an ok feature to have on a drive, but I wouldn’t pay extra for the feature.
      This is just my opinion though, others may be happy with the inkless alternative.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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