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      I have used Levelator for quite some time for various projects. I just tried using it again tonight (first time since re-installing windows last month) and I cannot for the life of me get any WAV or AIFF created in Vegas to be able to drag and drop into that program. It never failed before, is there something I may be missing?

      One thought I have is I also know since reinstalling Windows, that I cannot drag files directly from a folder into the Vegas Pro timeline like I used to be able to do. I must use the explorer within Vegas Pro. Is there some crazy security setting somewhere within Windows that may be preventing this type of behavior? Is there a way I can manually open a file from within Levelator to see if it works, or is it just kind of an idiot proof program with no other options? I have tried many variations of compressed and uncompressed wav and aiff files with no luck.

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      I use Levelator a lot too. I first use AOA audio extractor, a piece of freeware to extract a separate audio file out of my videos as a .wav file and then put it into the levelator or Audacity to work on the sound. you may have a problem with drivers in your Windows installation go to Majorgeeks.com and download AOA audio extractor and something called slim drivers, its a Microsoft approved tool the will automatically check your drivers and update them.

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      Windows 7 Pro? Try running your programsas administrator and see if that helps.

      I have noticed that since recent updates (last month or so) some of my programs don’t play nice unless they are open/run as administrator.

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