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      There’s another direction independent professional video services providers can take in marketing to the bridal community: Instead of posting on your social networks, where essentially you’re preaching to the choir, let the bride-to-be do it!

      Howzat? The expanded version of what I propose can be found at my video marketing and production blog but essentially, in today’s economic climate and bridal market, with so many potential wedding clients well-connected via the social networks and their e-mail accounts, convince your potential bridal clients that it’s socially acceptable to seek sponsorships through their connections.

      It’s no more socially unacceptable to solicit donations and sponsorships via the Internet than it is to participate in a gift registry at a brick-and-mortar or online. Hey, if it works for politicians and political groups, it can work for your bridal prospects. Toss the concept out there and see if any of your bridal marketing responses generate some interest.

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      Sorta of random, but have you ever thought of becoming buddy-buddy with an event planner. I have a friend that I went to college with who plans all sorts of events now. I’ve always figured I’d try to strike a deal with her if things weren’t going my way in life, ya know what i mean

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      Rob, establishing “relationships” has been bandied about for a time, and is a valid approach to business growth, especially in the wedding video industry.

      However, the suggestion made regarding utilization of social networking and the bride’s possible need or desire to acquire wedding video services in order to facilitate such business is not a concept I’ve heard often, if at all. It was just a suggestion for another possible marketing direction – take it or leave it.

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