Lens selection help. Fisheye?

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      Ok, i dont know exactly what the lens is called, but the effect it gives is kinda like those funhouse mirrors. You often see people taking a close up picture of their dog with these. Novalty effect.
      It distorts the subject dramatically. Making objects closer much bigger, and objects slightly farther away, drastically smaller.
      I thought this was called a fisheye lense, so i ordered one for my vdr-d300. The lens says Targus Optics 37mm 0.45X Digital Wide Lens W/Macro. It has a macro lens screwed onto it.
      But I cant get these to produce that dramatic distorted effect.
      Any thoughts?

      Do i need a higher power fisheye lens?

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      if the filter is touted as a fisheye, then getting up real close to your subject should give the effect you want.
      it’s the distance between the subject and the lens….
      for example my 10mm fisheye on my dslr, just looks realy wide with bowed edges from 5 feet, but get in to Two or three inches, and suddenly your subjects nose looks biiger than a greyhound bus!
      ps… .45x doesn’t sound like a fisheye so much as a wide angle adapter…

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      thats the effect im after. however, it doesnt seem to work. i get about 1 inch to half an inch away from lens, but the effect just doesnt seem "loud" enough. No greyhound bus. More like volkswagen.
      I will try again and play with aspect ratio’s.

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