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      Does anyone have suggestions or tips for cleaning lenses? What products to use, who makes a good lens cloth, and what are some tried and true techniques to cleaning lenses without ruining them?

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      spit and your t-shirt.

      just kidding. buy a lens cleaning kit that come with tissue paper. Add the cleaning liquid to the tissue paper and wipe the lens in a circular motion. use a dry piece of the provided tissue paper to dry the lens if it doesn’t nicely air dry.

      It’s also nice to have a lens pen

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      As well when cleaning optics any time you lift the cloth from the glass, shift to a clean portion of the cloth. Or you will just put back the dirt you took off.

      I have gotten in the habit on the final wipe, you gently blow behind the wipe to evaporate any remaining cleaning fluid. this helps reduce moisture collection when the fluid evaporates on its own.

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      20 grit sandpaper 😉

      Seriously, you can go crazy and spend lots of $$$ if you want, but you only need some very basic stuff – Here is a kit for $6 that has everything you need: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/423702-REG/General_Brand.html

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      4 steps for me:

      1) keep it clean (ie use a filter when you know it’s likely to get dirty)

      2) rocket blower.

      3) lens pen with brush

      4) microfiber cloth, lightly moistened with water.

      start at one, stop at 2,3, or 4 when the lens is clean,use a light, gentle touch.

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      Best lens cleaner I’ve ever run across; Leather chamois like the one’s you use to dry your car. You can buy’em at ‘S-mart’ in sheets for ridiculously cheap and long as they don’t get wet, they’ll clean dust and ‘schmutz’ off your lenses like a champ. If it’s raining, use it to get the water off and toss it! Cut them into small squares and they’ll last you for years! You still want to keep a soft brush on hand as they sometimes can leave dust in a very dry environment.

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      Grinner Hester

      I just use my shirt.

      More than fine here.

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