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      I am curious to know what is the average length of a Wedding DVD. Mine are normally between 45mins to 60mins dependant on the package and I have had no complaints up to today. Which leads me to this question and a follow-up. If the finished DVD is longer (and I have seen them advertised at 2hrs.) what about quality issues?

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      mine usually average between 1 hour 30 min to 2 hours. Quality is dependant on the codec and bit rate. At two hours, you could possibly see some minor issues, but the average customer will not.


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      The average time of my fully produced wedding DVDs are about 2 hours. Keep in mind the ceremony is 30 minutes to an hour and the reception can be 45 minute or more. It depends if you have any family interviews, picture slideshows, or pre wedding interviews of the couple. You can throw as many extras into the wedding package as you want but keep in mind it will extent the DVD as well as the editing. Thankfully, you are in charge of what you offer and charge.

      Most of your customers won’t see any loss of quality if you use a lower quality video to put it all on the DVD. I’ve had a few wedding DVDs where I’ve had to put some content on a second disc becuase they had so many add ons (I offer them in my packages).

      Hope that helps.



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      The only one that I have done (as a favor to a friend) came in around 1:45, using vignettes covering Love Story, Preparations, Ceremony, Preparations and Couple Interview.

      I would do the same for any future ones unless the couple had specific requirements or components (like Rehearsal Dinner, other “stories”).

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      I keep mine short and sweet and moving!! 1 hr.tops…If it’s a catholic wedding (being held for ransom) I tell them I will shoot the highlights and edit the rest out…BORING to watch Boring to edit. my 2 cents.


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      I always two cameras for weddings, so I end up with four/five rolls of Mini DV tape. When I started to shoot weddings I used to edit it down to just under an hour. But nearly all my customers want to seemore ofthe footage that was shot. So what I do is to give them two versions, a long one, about two hours, with most of the footage,and a short version, about one hour, in which I take out long boring speeches.I always burn at High Quality which is approx. one hour to a disc. So the long version takesup two discs. It’s a little more work but it’s easy to do on Avid which I use.

      Another innovation in my wedding videos is the use ofdigital stills.After the churchceremony and before the reception, while the still photographer is doing his thing with the couple and the guests, I quickly shoot digital stills. Later in editing, using pan and zoom and other techniques,I cut the pictures to music, usually a song by Enya. The couple loves this extra.

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      thanks for help

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