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      Bit of a noob so please bear with me if I’m asking an obvious question.

      I am recording with a HF200 and inputting audio through the external mic input.

      I’m outputting the audio to the camera from an M-Audio Fast Track Pro through a TRS output (inputting into the Fat Track PRo with a se X1 Mic).

      All I’m getting recorded though is a slight buzz and some very muffled/fuzzy sounding audio.

      If I plug the same output into my iPhone and record it sounds fine.

      Is it because the m-audio box isn’t outputting the right kind of signal?

      Any help much appreciated as I’m really happy with both bits of kit but just trying to get them working together.



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      Your camera’s input has auto-gain, which is not defeatable in the camera. You need to feed it, -10db, and maybe even -20db. Monitor your signal, and adjust accordingly, with headphones.

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