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      Hello, I’m new. I looked around and could not find info on this subject please help and give me some insight from this great board.
      I have seen on Youtube how to videos for things like how to do a filter for Photoshop or something like a million other ideas. I have all the details worked out to do a "John Madden" type draw on the screen tutorial using some PDF files as frames and some Powerpoint slides and stuff I made with Photoshop all put together with commentary. I want to show others how things work as well as show them to people to show them features of products. I want to get them into the hands of other business owners to use. Question, how can I use the PDF’s and some web pictures legally to provide my educational type of information, and distribute them legally? I’m thinking that making like "advertisements" with the tutorials to help sell products probably would not strike up a lawsuit with the folks that created the web graphics and PDF files. Maybe renting them or leasing them to make money instead of selling. I’m in a state of confusion as to which way would be the best and am looking for some ideas. Could anybody lead me on a proper path to accomplish this? Thanks so much for your help.

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