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      I realize that the best thing will be for me to ask a lawyer about this, but wanted to post here first in the event this is just a rookie question. I know about model releases and such, but my question involves not the model in this case, but the background behind the model. πŸ™‚

      I’d like to use some custom wallpaper behind the models for their talking head shots. The focus of the shot, will of course be the talking head, but the background texture will play an important role as well. I’ve purchased this wallpaper from the company that sells it and plan on building a small backdrop with it and shooting the talking heads against it. I would imagine that if I was going to Wal-Mart or something and buying some wallpaper to do this, there wouldn’t be any issue, but what about when the wallpaper isn’t garden variety wallpaper available there? Do the same rules apply?

      I plan on approaching the makers of the wallpaper and letting them know that we’ll be using it as a background (or would like to), of course, but should I expect to pay them some sort of a license fee in addition to what I’m paying for the product? Perhaps my question is more of etiquette than law, but I would like to know what the law may say about this as well. Any thoughts on this? Thanks!

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