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In the latest issue their was a question regarding filming in a park. My question relates to that. If I want to use a video of a building exterior to suggest that this is where my story takes place, what sort of actions must I take to use it? I want to post the video to the web for free but hope to sell higher quality DVD copies of the video later.

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Go ask the guy inside the building who to talk to. Go tell them what you want to dowith it. DON'T FORGET TO TELL THEM ABOUT YOUR PLANS to sell DVDs in future. If this is a warehouse, thenlook around for a phone number. Do like the detectives do on TV. LOL

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city hall. tax and property is public info, all you need is the address and you can find the owner

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I agree with Chris. You will, however, need to get releases signed for the location shoot of any properties. There are plenty of releases posted on the web if you do a search. You can copy these and customize them for your needs. If you sell your idea to the owner you can most likely get them to sign off. If you shoot with out a release, you may face legal action in the future. First and foremost...CYA!!! Don't let some legal BS hamper your story telling. Unfortunately, legality of video (especially for sale) is a primary concern. Get those releases signed and tell your story! I'm with you brother, I know your concern. Best, Trey

Where can I find these release forms, Thanks PM please