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      Just got thru searching all the forums, and I haven’t seen anything on legacy videos. Anyone out there doing them? What are the downsides, legalities, forms, insurance? I’ve seen someone on the web selling a “hot to” giude, but it’s aimed more at the consumer than the videographer.

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      Grinner Hester

      There are no down sides as far as I’m concerned. I find them to be very rewarding and very lucrative. There are no forms with my workflow.. not even a contract. I get half down and half upon delivery. There are never rivisions but of course I’d be happy to make em happy. That’s just it, they are so happy when they see what I’ve made, I’m their instant hero. I like that. I take a lot of pride in each story. I have respect for their video and know what it means to them. Hence the premium price. THere are no legalities and you just don’t douce these things with music so their are no copyright issues at all. Not with what I do, anyway. The family wants to hear grandma talk. I let her. I accentuate her stories with actual pictures or footage of the events she’s talking about. They they dont exist, I simply stay on her and zoom in when appropriate. The more the emotion, the tighter the shot, of course.

      I fell in love with these when I made one of my Dad before he moved on to the next life:


      I find human life interesting. We all have the same story in a nutshell. Hard times int he beginning, a victorious climb, a fall, a peace with the following rises and falls… Different details but I relate to every story. I’m finding I’m a great listener when it comes to old folks wanting to share. I really do care. Do that, and you’re golden every time.

      Have fun, man

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