left or right eye?

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      what are the standard models for left or right eye

      are they changeable?

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      hmm seems like right eye

      do you think a profession news station would have left eye or do they only make right eye?

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      Hey Kistri,

      In my studio experience, most cameras I’ve worked at didn’t have an eyepiece at all, but rather had a 4"-6" monitor mounted above them, which is really a lot better for framing up your shot.

      Studio cameras also almost always have the controls on the tripod arms-right hand arm controls zoom, and left hand controls focus. It takes a little bit of getting used to the first time you’re behind a "real" camera, but once you learn the setup, you fall in love with it.

      About the only place in a news studio that you’d expect to find camcorders with an eyepiece would likely be a field ENG camera. The models news stations use are typically right-eye, but some cameras now have the viewfinder almost dead center on the back of the camera, so if you prefer to shoot with your left eye, you can.

      Now, me personally, I prefer to shoot with my right eye, as it’s better than 20/20 vision, and my left eye, well, there’s no way of putting this out there nicely, stinks. I can read street signs with it-barely. In fact, I wear glasses, and the whole reason is to protect my very valuable right eye. My right eye doesn’t need a prescriptive lense, and my left eye is bad due to a nerve issue, not the eye itself. Go figure.

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      Most are set for right-eye for a few key reasons:
      * Most people are right-handed
      * Most cameras are made to be used with the right hand
      * When using a camera with your right hand, it is to the right of your face (usually on your right shoulder)
      * If you would use your left eye, your right eye would be completely unable to see out, and if you were shooting something potentially dangerous, you would not be able to notice and avoid on-coming objects or simply your next shot in a non-dangerous situation.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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