Le Elephant (youtube video)

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      So this is my first shortfilm ever. And I’m not a pro in any way. And I don’t want to be one. 🙂

      But I’d like to hear feedback and opinions about this:

      Thanks and sorry!

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    I saw the video. I posted a comment on youtube. The length was good, the feel was good. I could not make out the voiceover, but I have had very few opportunities to speak/hear French since I learned it many years ago!

    What software did you use? What did you learn from making Le elephant?

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    I used Pinnacle Studio 9 for that video.

    I learned a lot! Mainly that I can make to my eye, good looking videos with very little effort! 🙂 Pinnacle studio is such an easy software. And the camera was only my Canon 710IS digicam. When I learn more, maybe I’ll buy some real equipment.

    Oh, and I learned that doing a storyboard on paper, clarifies things SO MUCH! 🙂

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    Watching the simplicity of the video inspired me to try to do something similar. Your video isn’t complex, it doesn’t have lots of character development, actors, special effects. I think if I made a few videos that simply take the viewer from points A to B, I will actually make a few movies. Then I can learn from the process. …because currently, I am not making very many movies!

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    nice video thanks for the post I love the simplicity of story. My french is so rusty I could have used sub titles. Thanks again.

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