LCD TV v.s Computer Monitor

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      In a few weeks I will be upgrading to a new Mac Pro system (from my 1.25GHz G4). Currently I am using a Samsung SyncMaster 22″ display. I have been reading that it might be good to do my video editing using an LCD TV for a better indication of how my video will look on TV (while editing, instead of after it’s done). Any suggestions on this?

      In addition, I thought if I got an LCD TV, I could then unhook this and take it to a wedding showcase to play my demo DVD’s without having to purchase a separate LCD TV display (and not have to lug my actual TV). Thoughts and recommendations?

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      Your question reminded me that I’ve had the same quesiton about LCD monitors vs LCD TVs.

      I did an experiment. I have both a 19″ LCD monitor and a 19″ LCD TV.

      On the LCD monitor text is crisp and looks great.

      When I hooked up the LCD TV, the picture turned slightly fuzzy.

      You could still use it as a monitor, but you wouldn’t want to for long.

      I was using a VGA cable for both.

      Here’s a link which shows a picture of a comparison of text.

      LCD TV vs. LCD Monitor

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      well, ideally you would want 2 computer monitors and an LCD TV as your external monitor. By “external monitor” i mean video from your editing program will go to that monitor, you will not be able to drag windows from other applications to your external monitor. only video from your NLE goes there.

      If you are still editing standard def, i’drecommenda CRT broadcast monitor, not an LCD

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      Also, If you connecting to an LCD TV with a VGA connector, the video will look like crap on the TV.

      you need to at least use a DVI or HDMI.

      If you don’t have one or the other, use an adapter

      DVI-out of computer —– HDMI-in to LCD tv

Viewing 3 reply threads
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