LCD Ribbon Cable Repair?

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      Recently, the LCD cable on my Panasonic PVGS-35 camcorder wore in to, and I’d like to know if this would be something that I could easily fix myself? Also, where could I buy this part from other than Panasonic?

      I called Panasonic about the problem, but it would cost me close to what I paid for it new for them to fix it. So, if I can find the part to fix it I’m going to try and do it myself. I’m not sure if the part I’m looking for is called an LCD ribbon cable or not? It’s the tiny cable that comes from inside the camera connecting to the LCD. It is very thin, too! It had a black protective coating over it and it flaked off and I can see the thin brown ribbon cable worn in to.

      I believe I can fix it easily myself and am willing to try. If I can’t fix it then I guess I’ll just have to go with another brand of camcorder for my next purchase! Panasonic’s lower-end camcorders feel like toys!

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks and take care

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      this link should help,

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