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      what I need to know and where I should look to find a primer or guidelines and laws about filming video in public settings and filming in corporate buildings and state owned buildings. Will I need to edit out any company logos that might pop up in vids? I’m going to be filming a simple instructional video that shows people step by step what they need to do and what they need to ask to get started in my niche.


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      From what I understand, it is perfectly okay to film in public, but you need to get consent from anyone your filming as well as consent for business logos, product labels, etc. It’s why TV like MTV has to blur out T-shirts and such.

      Not sure about filming on private property though. You’d probably have to get permission from who owns the property?

      Disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer and I can’t guarantee the above information is accurate. Your best bet is if your confused about this, ask a lawer.

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      Get a signed ‘likeness’ release from anyone who appears featured in your video (anyone who you can make their voice or face out in the final video). You *generally* don’t need signed releases for crowds and people who you cannot make out.
      You should get a ‘location’ release for anywhere you shoot. If you shoot in streets, you will need to check and be sure the town/city you shoot in doesn’t require permits (or get permits if they do). Anything viewable from a public street is *usually* fair game for you to use without release.
      Note that the legal requirements are different for videos made for commercial purposes and other videos.

      Note: IANAL (I am not a lawyer). Proceed at your own risk.

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      One of the best and most exciting things about filming is just doing what you want….It promises for an interesting experience that builds character….fear not…it’s only money….and that’s why they have LLC’s.

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