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      Hey guys, does anyone know the laws concerning true movies? or movies based on a true story? I am currently writing a script about a serial killer that is still alive. Several of the victims families are still alive as well. We are going to meet with the killer in prison next week.

      this is going to be a really great script, and i am afraid that it might not get to happen if he does not give us consent. We REALLY want to do it, and was wondering what kind of laws we could hide behind. There is the parody law for copyright songs and stuff, and was wondering if there were similar laws for movies, if it was not EXACT.

      Thanks for your help

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      You really, REALLY need to consult an attorney specializing in such creative properties. All you will get here, though it may be of some general use, are opinions. Granted, some will be experience based while others will be educated guesses or third party rumors. If you are putting in time and money to do something like this you really need to budget in the costs of licensed and experienced legal consultation.

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      What Earl said!

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