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      Can’t recall where I read it, but somewhere there was a forum on the frequency of wireless mics. Can someone explain what is good and what isn’t? We are looking to purchase a set and I’m reluctant to spend wads of money when I really am not sure what’s good at a reasonable price.

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      Also, the difference between VHF and UHF?

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      Yes. VHF means Very High Frequency and UHF means Ultra High Frequency – as in the frequency bands in which the wireless mic operates. Go with UHF, but don’t get one that operates on the frequency bands that have been re-allocated for emergency vehicle transmissions…or something like that. Those re-allocated frequency bands are 698MHz to 806MHz.

      Definitely get a wired lavaliere if you don’t absolutely need a wireless mic though. They’re much more affordable, more reliable, and head ache free

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      I use these Wireless mics to record just about everything. Absolutly amazing and great price.

      Sony UWP-V1 Wireless Lavalier Microphone Package (30/32 – 566 to 590MHz)

      Hear some of the audio at our Video Link.

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      Tim’s Sony series is a GREAT series, I have the UWP-V6 GREAT unit for under $900.

      And ROB is right about having a wired lav on hand as well. I prefer wired when wireless isn’t dictated due to distance issues.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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