lavalier mic for Panasonic hdc – tm700

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      I run a Kung Fu School in the UK and am busy filming footage for the students and instructors.

      However due to the large open space and probably the small Rode mic I use… the audio sounds rather echoey…

      Would a lavalier mic help? and if so any suggested models would be most appreciated (max 150)

      This would be used when I’m just demonstrating solo or talking about a subject, rather than at speed with a partner.

      Any help & advice would be most appreciated. I’m a total novice but very keen to help the students through entertainment and education.



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      Paul, I’m not sure why but I had to scroll through a couple of screens of *#% stuff before coming to your post. In response to your post, short of putting up soundproofing on all the walls and ceiling (I assume that the floor is padded), the next best option would probably be a wireless lavalier set-up with the receiver wired to your camcorder. There are some very good ones (pricey!) available. If you search through these forums, you will find some suggestions from other posters. I don’t have a really good one so I can’t make any personal recommendations. Another option, one that I use, is to purchase an inexpensive lavalier (Radio Shack has one,model 33-3013, if you have this storenear you) couple it to a Zoom H2 or something similar. You would wear the recorder on you as you would wear the tramsmitter on a wireless set-up. After you record your video to your camcorder and your audio to the H2, you would sync them in post on your computer. Another suggestion would be to voice-overyour video in post with a description of what is going on with your demonstration. This would allow you to add a description to full speed with partner action. Hope this helps. Keep shooting.

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      Thank you for your reply… I’m still trying to digest what you’ve said.

      Yes, I noticed after that there was a load of code before my post.. no idea why.

      I’m trying to make it as easy for the person editing as possible.


      It did the same again.. something to do with SEO Quake

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