Lavalier mic connected but GL2’s mic still picking up audio?

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      I’m new here and I’m in urgent need of some help for my GL2 since I have a shoot first thing tomorrow.

      I recently purchased a lavelier system and I hooked up it to the GL2. Everything worked fine except for the fact that the built in mic on the GL2 is picking up audio instead of the lavalier. I tried messing around with the settings/reading the manuals but it’s not working. I’m using a 1/8 cable to the AV in on the GL2 from a 1/8 coming from the out unbalanced on the receiver.

      This is a Samson UHF Series One I’m using by the way. Any assistance ASAP would be VERY appreciated.


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      instead of going into the AV jack on the back, use either the mic (green input I belive) input on the side or buy the xlr hot shoe adapter. Hope that is a start.

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