Lav compare, Sony UWP-C1 vs Senn EW112-P G2 or EW100-ENG G2

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      I’m about to purchase 2 wireless lav kits to use mainly for event videography. I have previously used the Sony wireless lavs and haven’t had any problems with them, but from my experience Sony do most things good and few things fantastically which is why I’m looking at Sennheisers as an alternative. Has anybody had experience with both mics and noticed a difference in sound quality?

      Also I was wondering about the differences between the Senn 112 and 100. The 100 kit appears to be more expensive as it comes with a second wireless transmitter that is a small block that can be plugged into the XLR at the bottom of a hand held mic and turn it into a wireless mic. Now for me I don’t think I would ever be able to use that feature as my subjects using the hand held would need the mic to run to a sound board but another possibility would be to use the transmitter as a way of taking a wireless feed from the sound board. Does anybody know whether that may work, could you plug the transmitter into a sound board and have it send audio to the camera?

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