latest specs for newbie’s computer — advice?

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      Here are the specs:
      *Intel 3.4GHz 550 CPU
      *Albatron PX915P/G motherboard with Intel 915P chipset
      *1GB (512MBx2) matched pair PC-3200 DDR memory
      *Radeon x700 Pro 128 mb video card
      *80GB 7200rpm primary hard drive
      *250GB SATA 7200rpm secondary hard drive in black Kingwin mobile rack
      *Hard drives have 32MB/sec sustained transfer rate (read and write)
      *Windows XP Pro
      *Still need to add optical drives
      $1550 (including shipping)

      What do you guys think? I want a stable DV editing home computer with possibility to upgrade in future. (now using Pinnacle Studio 9) Thanks in advance.

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