Laptops Good for Editing?!????

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      Are laptops good for editing. My neighbor just got a Toshiba laptop with 3GB of Ram memory and I don know the rest. But I remember that I said that it had better specs than my desktop computer. I want something good for no more than 1,000 bucks…IF you know of a good cheap laptop that is good for editing with sony vegas pro 8, then please tell me your recommendations..Thanks!

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      Ever since 2002 (I think) when Intel launched the centrino processor, Laptops have been able to do anything that desktops can. They have some advantages and some disadvantages. They tend to be more expensive, and usually have smaller harddrives, also they are much harder to upgrade. BUT they are portable, and les cluttered, etc.

      The bottom line, I use a laptop. and i like that I can do editing in the car, plane, etc. And in my office I only have three cords strewn about which I really like. On the whole, it all comes down to preferrence, and you have to decide what aspects of the computer are important to you. If you plan on keeping this rig for several years, then you may want something you can upgrade when parts become obsolete.

      Oh and you can certainly find a good rig for under a grand…and believe it or not…ebay is not always a bad thing.

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      I used to use a Dell Inspiron laptop (Core 2 Duo) to edit my AVCHD (MTS) files – Didn’t have a problem with it and I willbe looking for another laptop to act as my main editing machine in a couple of months. Figure on about $1500 as a decent price point (faster processor and more memory, plus a larger hard drive will all be factors).

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      I don’t mean to belittle power – but I’ve made a ton of money editing on aCeleron processorToshiba laptop with 1.5GB RAM – I bought it for $250.00 on eBay. Been cranking with for a little over a year using Premiere Pro CS3. Would I like to upgrade? Sure, but as long as it works, I’d rather make money than spend it! I’ve notcome across anything that it COULD NOT do. Even done`some After Effects projectswith it.It does grumble from time to time and chugs through rendering with multiple effects applied, but I can live with that, because it’s paid for!

      Just remember – the equipment does’nt make the editor – the editor makes the equipment by how he uses it!

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      oh thanks to evryone..yeah i might get a laptop to edit my videos…it would be nice to be able to edit my video no matter where i am…but editing video while taking a sH!# is the yeah imma look for a laptop with at least 3GB of ram and duo their a laptop with the new i7 processor…

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      I’ve used a laptop as a primary and I prefer a desktop. I do try to keep a laptop capable editor on hand particularly for use as a field editor. Nothing like getting all the ‘light work’ done beforehand. That and as a field editor with DV Rack (oldschool) or On-location (DVR reborn) onboard makes shoots and field edits so much more pleasant. Be advised though, laptops are more durable than they used to be but still don’t stack up to a dedicated desktop (a MilSpec Toughbook on the otherhand….)

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