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      I would like some advice on doing video editing on a laptop. I hear it’s not really a way to go. I saw a PC laptop with a gig of memory, 100 gig hard drive with firewire port, and DVD writer. the salesperson said I was better off to buy a Mac and video edit from there. but I am looking to go mobile and on location without carry my desktop. any suggestions?

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      Here’s the one I got(dual core, 200gig)

      It should handle anything you want to do. The 17" screen is awesome!

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      I personally would recommend a mac book or mac book pro depending on your budget and needs. All of the new mac books come with core duo processors which are blazing fast. Also all of the new intel macs can run BOTH WINDOWS AND MAC OSX something a dell cannot do. Also a very large percentage of this industry is on macs so learning Final cut is a very good thing to do if you plan to work in the industry (also avid is good to know). The mac book pro is a great option if you have the money but the mac book is also great but small and lacks a couple of features, but both machines with a external drive would rival most any desktop.

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