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      I have a 4 year old very seldom used JVC GR-D270E Mini DV.

      I have finally decided its time to work out how to link it to my laptop so asI might be able to transfer some tapes onto DVD for easy distribution amongst my family.

      I have all the cables and a recently perchased express card firewire adapter.

      Using Movie Maker, when I connect everything together the laptop “cannot recognise any digital video divice”

      I have followed all the trouble shooting and re tried everything on another laptop with the same results.

      Am I missing something obvious that maybe someone else has experienced or have I got to find a service center and get this looked at.

      Thanks, Narrad.

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      You should either find a friend with a Mac compouter and use his Firewire for transferring the video to a DVD, or buy a cable:



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      a mac? oh brother…anotherold thread…probably figured out by now…no matter

      try several things…check your BIOS to make sure your extra slots are turned on, see if theres software for your firewire card and run it, check your hardware device managerto see if your card is listed and working (control panel>system>hardware>device manager), try different slots for your firewire card, tryhaving the camera already playing videobefore clicking capture, try using another capture program like WinDV

      when you post, it’s helpful to know your OS and rig info

Viewing 2 reply threads
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