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      If you plan to use the latest Adobe Suite, you have no choice. You must buy a Windows XP machine. Virtual PC for MACs “emulate” PCs in order to provide a measure of ‘compatibility’ with prevalent business software. The problem is that there’s an extra layer of software running all the time, which translates between the native MAC operating system and Windows. This requires sacrifices in both available RAM and CPU time. This might work acceptably for word processing or spreadsheet software, but the ‘translation’ time and physical resources required for the emulation will not provide acceptable ‘real-time’ performance with Adobe Premiere Pro, which already stresses some flavors of PC, natively running Windows.

      Besides, a 1.33mHz G4 (even without the extra burden of ’emulation’) is no match for a 3.06 gHz P4 machine anyway, no matter what you might have heard to the contrary. This is the real reason why Adobe Premiere Pro is now available only for PCs (Apple claims it’s ‘sour grapes’ from Adobe, because they can’t compete with FCP 4(???) (LOL)).

      I’d buy the HP if it’s cheaper than the Sony. You’ll end up getting a more powerful laptop and saving $1000.00. Use that money to cram all the RAM you can into the laptop and get a bigger hard-drive/DVD Burner, more software – or whatever you want.

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      I’m buying a laptop soon and am trying to decide between the HP ZD7000, Sony GRT 290, and the Mac G4. Obviously I want the large screne (16″-17″) and top speed and power. The HP and Sony offer 3.06GHz where the Mac is only 1.33GHz. Does this matter for the Mac? Prices are similar and are not of much concern (actually the HP is a $500-1000 cheaper so there is a nice + there,lol).

      Another point to consider: I’m using the Adobe video suite. I’ve heard that I can run PC programs through Virtual PC for Mac.? I’m also using a Sony desktop which has served me well. What would you do?

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