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      I shoot television news on DVCPRO. I ingest my footage into my $300 craptop, and then use Vegas to render a 4Mbps MPEG4 file from the original AVI file. I am finding that my laptop takes about 3x the time of the video length to render into a 720×480 MPEG4 file. This is not acceptable, as I am in a hurry to get video on air every morning. I am curious as to what laptop specs or features I specifically require, to convert a standard DV AVI file into a 720×480 MPEG4 file. I need to buy a new laptop specifically for these conversions, and I want to make sure I get the right specs/features for my application. Everywhere I look I am reading about GPU this and GPU that, but if I understand things correctly, Vegas only uses GPU to render FROM AVC MP4 files, not from AVI-MP4. I am very confused, and a support email to Sony has gone unanswered for over a month.

      If you would like to help me offline pick out a new custom laptop, I would be more than apreciative! 😀


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      Forget about Sony support; it’s very slow in responding. Log in to the Sony Vegas forum on Sony web site and post this question there. Also search that forum’s archives. You’ll find lots of answers there.



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      Depending on which version of Vegas you are using, I have Vegas 10 and 11 on my dual core PC and have found that Vegas 11 does render faster than 10 even after turning off the use of the GPUs for rendering as they were causing color problems. I just rendered a 2 hour video three camera shoot of a band and it took 8 hours in Vegas 10 but 4 hours in Vegas 11. It might just mean you need to get a faster computer of add more memory to yours.

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      I bought my computer a year and a half ago, and it was an older clearance item at that time! I def need something faster, but I want to make sure I get the speed I need in the things that count, and not spend alot chasing high end expensive GPU features that Vegas can’t or won’t use.

      Making things even more interesting is my dependance on a firewire or cardbus slot/port.


Viewing 3 reply threads
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