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      What is the best laptop around 1k thats good for editing?

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      This has enough to edit in HD – just plug the HDMI into the cheapest 1080p LCD you can find – I use a 32″ Sharp – plus this doubles as a home theater! especially if you plug the HDMI into a amp first! There’s nothing like encoding a sequence and being able to play it at 1080p the second you are done!

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      For under 1k you’re looking for a PC laptop. For editing, you want a minimum of 3-4GB RAM, a 2.4GHz duo or quadcore CPU, a graphics card w/256MB or better, a 15″ viewscreen or better, 4 USB, 1 or more firewire, 1 or more eSATA inputs and an HDMI input. Also, for professional editing avoid the ‘Home’ and ‘Ultimate’ versions of Windows. They either don’t have the controls you’ll need to properly maintain your computer or they’ll have junk you don’t need. Stick to the ‘Professional’ versions of Vista/Win 7. Also, get a 64-bit system so you can take full advantage of 3GB+ of RAM.

      Take a look at Tiger Direct’s ‘Build to Order’ laptops and you can put together one that will hit all the spec’s for just over 1k (don’t forget shipping and handling.) You don’t want your working laptop to become your ‘home theater’. Just get a home theater.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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