Laptop for AVCHD editng ? 5400 rpm hard drive?

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I am looking to buy a Notebook core i7 for AVCHD editing.

The Toshiba Qosmio X500-014 sold here in Canadahas all the specs I want:


core i7

2x 500 Gb hard drives (HOWEVER at 5400 rpm ???)


display full HD 1080 p

Windows 7 Home

120 Watt power adaptor

Does anyone know if running hard drive at 5400 rpm matters or not for AVCHD editing?

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From what I remember most laptops have 5400 drives for cooling purposes. A 7200 can be put in but expect to add some sort of blower, which of course starts to take away from the convenience of a laptop.

The 7200 will likely make a difference in faster rendering speeds.

I'm using an old Toshiba M-65 with a Centrino, XP, 2GB ram,and a mere 160GB drive.With Sony Vegas I'm able to edit AVCHD files right out of my Panasonic HDC-SD100 without too much trouble. It can be a little slow on the timeline and rendering can be measured inhours, but I get by.

With the machine you describe you should be in pretty good shape in fact I'd be downright envious. The 5400 will be just a little slower renderwise than you'd see with a high speed drive in a desktop.

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Considering that AVCHD is the most highly compact (requiring little storage capacity) High Definition video format, then high-speed disk access probably won'tbe one of your biggest concerns.Fast RAM access, processor speed, and GPU processing (if you're not using Sony Vegas) are probably three of your greatest needs. But if it's really not too much of a hassle, I'd find a compatible 7200 rpm drive for your system. I edit from my 1 TB 7200 rpmhardriveconnected via Firewire, and the editing seems to go a bit faster than editing directly from my 5200 rpm internal drive.