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      I’m having a problem. I work during the day and spend a lot of time filming and taking pictures at events. I have little time to edit on my home workstation. Is there a laptop that have a professional video capture cards in them?



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      As far as I know, you’re options are a 17″ Macbook Pro with a Matrox MXO2 or AJA I/O HD.

      The reason you’d need the 17″ model is because it’s the only one with the Express slot now. I believe the MXO2 only works with the Express slot. The I/O HD hogs the entire firewire bus, so you’ll need the Express slot firewire adapter thing if you have more firewire devices.

      If a 17″ laptop is too big for you, you’ll have to look on ebay or craig’s list for an older 15″ model.

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      On the PC side, it’s a similar situation. Pro Cards are made specifically for workstations. On the other hand there are express slot adapters and BMD, AJA and Matrox all have external rigs that you can plug into your laptop PC or Mac via firewire, eSATA and soon USB 3.0. Generally there’s way too much hardware that goes into a pro capture card and it’s more expedient to build them at size for installation in a workstation.

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      It’s imortant to stress the importance of proper monitoring and measuring of legal levels and that can seldom be done offlining on a laptop. If your final product will never see air it’s ok, otherwise, it’s just an offline.

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      Any suggestions for my livestreaming workflow…. My goal is to capture live events using my JVC GY-hm100 -> external i/o box (matrox, aja, motu…?)->macbook pro 17″ w/express slot and then broadcast this video live on my channel in hd quality. Can you recommend capture hardware that will work with my JVC camera? Anyone else doing live webstreaming on portable laptop setup?


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