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      I am new to this Forum, but have been making corporate video and short films for about three years.

      I have a problem that I would appreciate some feedback whether positive or negative.
      A very good friend (Peter) who I make films with has just written a script for a story which I know I want to be involved with. I usually have a lot of input as to effects and filming. I do most of the initial editing and Peter is then involved with the final polish. This has always worked up to now. My deleamer is one of language the script contains an amount of swearing that I find distasteful and a full frontal nude scene. There is going to be compromise with the nude scene but Peters comment is it is my film I wrote the script and will not change it It may seem strange in these times but I do not use swearing as part of my language. Naive maybe but that is the truth. I have a conflict of conscience. Should I do the film and not be offended even though I will be listed in the credits. Or should I bow out at the risk of damaging a good friendship

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      I wouldn’t do it. You have good morals. (which can be hard to find these days) I would stick by your morals and not do this film.

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