Kodak suing Photo hosting site (May sue all)

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      OK remember when Al Gore claimed he invented the Internet? Well now Kodak is claiming that they hold ALL rights to storage and public display of any and all images. They are going after Sutterfly right now (test case?) They will end up going after all photo hosting site. How can any company claim that they “own” the rights that allow people to store and display photos? Lets see public sharing of photos on the Internet began about 1992 in digital BB’s. (remember the binary code that had to be recompiled?) Where was Kodak then? Still in the days of Poloriod, they had no idea where technology would go with photos, so how can they say their storage rights apply to digital?



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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      well, that’s one way to get consumers to stop buying their paper.

      Not a smart move from a PR perspective.

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      well I own the rights to “complaining on the internet”.

      You both owe me a nickel. And don’t complain about, or you’ll owe me another nickel.

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      Don, that was probably the best response I could have imagined. Made me LOL. (see, no complaining here, ha ha)

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