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      Hello everybody,

      we just wanted to point your attention towards a film project made by our gang.

      The film, that goes by the name of Kiss Me Lorena, has already been partly distributed online and it is the first Italian feature film completely downloadable from the internet, for free.

      On the website
      it will be possible to download, scene by scene, the whole film.

      Distributed with a Creative Commons License and protected by CopyZero, the film is also available for Podcasting and attempts an alternative route compared to the traditional distribution/exploitation of film products.

      KML is a comedy made using low-profile technologies and tools of easy access, with the idea of maintaining a strong visual impact and richness of images. Therefore, its production logic has been really different from the one that rules traditional film productions. For this reason, the distribution was also though of in an original way, avoiding the traditional routes.
      In "Kiss me Lorena" there are quotes and references of praise for a certain kind of English and American cinema, with particular mention to the work of John Landis (Blues Brothers, An American werewolf in London) and to the provoking humour of the Monty Python (The meaning of life).

      The scenes of the film are published in weekly episodes and are available in X-VID or M4V (iPOD) formats. Adding to that, on the website you will also find some deleted scenes, backstage videos, further information about the characters of the film and everything that could possibly widen the world of "Kiss me Lorena".

      Many thanks for your kind attention. We would really appreciate if you could visit our website and tell us what you think…

      i Licaoni

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