Kenko KRW-065 PRO DX-C vs. Canon VIXIA HF S200

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      I just ordered a Kenko KRW-065 PRO DX-C lens for my Canon VIXIA HF S200. The mounting of this lens is nothing like the mounting on the camera, yet it states that it is indeed Canon camcorder compatible. The lens has a bayonet mount and my limited knowledge thinks that I need a thread mount. I thought for sure that this exact lens was recommended by a forum user in the past. Can anyone please confirm if this model lens is compatible with this model camera before I return it to the retailer?

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      I looked up the lens on, and they have the lens listed as KRW-065 PRO DX 58mm for the Canon GL-2 and others. I own a Canon VIXIA HF S10 and the above lens which works just fine. I think the mixup might be the ending part of the lens you got (DX-C) as you do need the 58mm threaded end to attach the lens.

      I hope this helps.


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