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      Hey, I’m gearing up for a convention. I’ll have 4 days worth of tapes for at least 3 different projects all flying at me constantly.

      Last year, all the tapes were numbered (A1, E7, etc.), then logged on a spreadsheet (B2 – concert video), but I feel like that system didn’t work out well. I was able to keep track of everything, but was frustrated quite often while trying to do a quick capture and wondering what exactly was on D4, then digging through the massive spreadsheet, or wondering why C2 and H9 allegedly have the exact same content…

      My thought is to use those little garage sale stickers to color code the tapes, then use the numbering system like last year, with a poster-sized convention schedule. That way I can hang it and not have to dig around (the papercuts alone!). But that doesn’t seem revolutionary enough to really improve on last year.

      How do you handle a large number of tapes?

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