Keeping Busy in a Down Economy

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      Feeling battered by the negative headlines from virtually every news source you turn to? Worried that you, or your video business, might not survive the long haul while the economy rebounds – if it does πŸ™

      Now, more than ever, it is important to do everything you can in an effort to stay out of the dumps mentally, to remain active and aggressive, to market and sell yourself, your services and your products. Don’t let depression take away your drive and hurt your business any more than the current business climate already does.

      Keeping Busy in a Down Economy – maybe taking action right now is the thing to do. Maybe the latest article at E.C. Come, E.C. Go will get you focused or lift your spirits.

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      Well said. Bottom line, if you aint workin’ you are unemployed.
      I use it as a way to GET gigs. Everyone knows as soon as you dive into a labor of love, that’s when the phone rings. I keep labors of love going non-stop for this very reason and I’ll tell ya what… it freakin works.

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