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      Hi guys/girls

      I recently borrowed my sisters JVC HD video recorder and took it with me for a trip to the zoo, anyway

      When i got home I plugged it into my PC (Windows XP) i accidentally hit the record button, i quickly realised and pressed stop and thought nothing of it. once i transferred all the files to my PC (.mod and .moi). i started to play some of the files . (50 in total). The first 22 are fine. When i play the 23rd video it plays fine until the last minute, this is when it plays the 1 second that i accidentally recorded prior to transferring the files.

      Now every other video file after that plays that 1 second clip however they have all kept their correct file size. (Some of the clips should go for about 10 minutes and the file size is 957MB)

      I have tried using a JVC rebuilder i found and it kind of worked, however, the screen is black and the sound is that 1 second clip repeating it self but it does seem to play for the correct amount of time.

      I noticed when viewing the clips on the camera the thumbnail for each clip that is now ‘broken’ was a question mark.

      Sorry if this is confusing ask any questions and ill try to answer them.

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