JVC VHS/DVD Recorder model DR-MV1S: help needed

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      The unit will go into a mode where it starts flashing “Loading” and freezes. I can not find any one thing that makes it go into this state. It has happened when watching or rewinding a VHS tape, and when opening the DVD door. Has anyone else ran across this problem? The unit is 8 months old and was working very nicely until about 2 weeks ago. Any advice would be appreciated…

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      Go to VideoHelp.com and plug in JVC. Your model will come up and there are several comments there along the same theme: “the dreaded LOAD ING bug.” If you have the same problem as discussed, it appears that JVC may be fixing this for free. One of the posts has a link to the relevant spot on JVC’s web site. Good Luck!
      REGARDS … TOM 8)

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      Tom, thanks for the help. Will be sending unit for repairs

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