JVC new HD solid state camcorder (GY-HM100)

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      JVC introduced the industry’s first native support to .mov video files and Apple’s FCP. The new GY-HM100 is a 35Mbps Full HD solid state camcorder.

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      Yeah, nice touch with the dual card slots and native QT drag-and-drop files for FCP editors, but not to be released until sometime in April.

      Might induce Panasonic to upgrade their AG-HMC150 at least to dual slots, if not more, just to try and keep up/ahead with the other manufacturer “keep up” efforts.

      This info has actually been available in a few places for awhile now, not to mention the January edition of Videography magazine.

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      ahh…you beat me to it! i was just about to post this news. haha.

      This is a great camera. I always wanted it, but never bought it because it only recorded HDV. But now that it supports XDCam HD and Solid State recording, i am super excited.

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      We’re seriously looking at getting one, but I reeeeeally hate that they took the tape option away. For 4k, I want options. Not to mention the price of solid-state cards aren’t dropping significantly. It would be different if you weren’t getting as good an image on tape. What about all of these kids trying to break into the biz? This stuff’s expensive. The whole thrust of the ‘Digital Revolution’ was that the hardware and software had become affordable. Though the camera would be compatible with our 200UB, I’m thinking we may go with the Canon 5D Mark II. Great images and costs a little more than half of the JVC.

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      Don’t get THAT much HD video with the 5D (at $3,499 with a lens kit, $2,699 without not really that great a price for a DSLR primary camera with HD video capabilities just another feature built into it) – shooting HD video is limited to about 5 minute continuous shots.

      Reviews in the January 2009 Videography magazine indicate there are other problems with the CMOS that make shooting the unweildy DSLR body style handheld an unhappy experience, with the “jello effect” and also limited audio input options.

      Still a lot of obstacles to overcome before either the Nikon D90 ($999.95, $1,299 with an 18-105 mm VR lens, or the Canon supplant a camcorder at any price, brand or recording platform. Canon’s own people acknowledge that the camera is primarily a still camera with a full HD feature.

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      If you’d want a DSLR that shoots video as well, I’d just wait for the RED Scarlet and Epic.


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      I was looking at the MkII because we need to upgrade our still rigs anyway. The HD is a usable bonus and will come in handy for aerial and gigs in tight spaces. That’s interesting about the ‘jello’ effect, but I’m not surprised since they haven’t put in any image stab yet. You’d have to get a lens that does that (not cheap!) Every thing I’ve seen video wise was shot on some sort of support, except for one aerial clip (which was awesome!) Never expected it to ‘supplant’ a dedicated camera rig, just want it for support which is all I would have gotten the JVC for. Since we already have a good selection of EOS lenses, $2,669 is a good deal and it will be easier faking out the authorities by giving them a roll of film than ‘horking’ up a solid-state card or worse, the camera because we can’t pull out a tape.

      Concerning anything RED, to paraphrase Earl on another post, “I don’t have anymore children to sell.”

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      I think JVC’s new camcorders are great value for money options (although I love Panasonic AG-HVX200 – still the P2 cards are too expensive). I think JVC will raise the bar among other manufacturers to find cheap card solutions (maybe the price of P2 cards will drop now?). Is this JVC’s answer to AVCCAM AG-HMC150 camcorder, launched by Panasonic as an affordable HD camera?

      For those who have the money see the ikonoskop A-cam dII (a High Definition RAW Format Motion Picture Camera – competitor to RED but less price)


      (all links will open new window)


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      If you’ve got a little more money, Panasonic just released this camcorder:


      It records AVC-Intra100 10-bit 4:2:2, as well as the other DVCPro codecs.

      What does 9500 euros convert to in American dollars?

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