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      I have read the reports concerning MPEG-2 and editing.
      As i’m sad of this, as I am, (Was) a Proud owner of One.

      I was recomended to this site,

      I have a sony DVD Direct Multi function Recorder VRD-MC3
      For the purpose of transferring data to DVD from The HDD JVC Camcorder

      My Qustion was, with the camera in the (Play) position, when I try to attemt to burn the Media by
      selecting, HDD/DVD Camcorder to DVD
      from the menu screen on the DVDirect Recorder it proceedes with a message of:
      Non supported USB device found Connect supported Camcorder.

      All The specs for this to be accoplished between the 2 are good. My JVC manual gives no info to down loading tips.

      ANSWER: I found my Answer Only the Sony HDD camcorders Are compatible to use the Burn function, all other HDD Manufactures Will Not work in DVD Burn function, Only in Normal Real time Video Recording will it work. Hence the error message "Connect supported Camcorder" which would be SONY HDD.

      The DVD direct has a number of uses and functions as a stand alone DVD burner, Memory cards, dv, Also any other real time recording through s-Video, or analog. But it puts it all in MPEG-2 Video Encoding.

      I hope my question and answer might help somone .

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